Locating using mobile networks

Mobile networks has a potential for good location, infrastructure is well developed, and having an intrinsic feature location – so that a user can use mobile no tracker must be connected to a network and network connection point are fixed, and well located for the network operator.

Infrastructure of mobile networks are based on relays. Is not very dynamic positioning relay and distribution of cells in the relay and channel cell is a complicated and expensive process, which must take into account the pattern of propagation radio waves instead of the relay in question is installed.


GSM cells use a special channel called BCCH for transmitting identifiers of neighboring cells so that the mobile terminal can make easy passage between cells. Although power output is controlled both the GSM terminal level and at the level relay, for a variety of reasons, BCCH channel is always used the same power.


This enables mobile terminals to make consistent comparisons between the powers of the signal from multiple cells, and to choose the best communication. The same model can be used for localization. Because the basic pattern is the same, more algorithms presented in locating WiFi access point location applies to GSM, in particular algorithms that take into account signal strength.

Although it has better stability as regards the existence relay, mass adoption of WiFi solutions for homes and offices made the density of WiFi is considerably higher than the GSM cell. Also, positioning needs are different. If in positioning systems for exterior needed a treble which eventually can be translated then in an address where positioning systems indoor objective is to determine the position in a building at floor level, to room level or even level position in a room.

To meet these needs have developed a series of methods and systems, many of them using similar ideas to those outlined in the previous section, tailored interior. Cricket system is based on static transmitters and receivers ceiling-mounted phones. Periodically transmit ultrasonic transmitters and radio frequency messages containing an own ID and unique. Because radio signals at a rate approximately 106 times greater than ultrasound, mobile receivers use the time difference between the arrival of the radio signal to the ultrasonic to calculate the distance to each of the transmitters.

Knowing position fixed transmitters, the receiver position can be determined using trilateration or multilateration The solution uses a centralized architecture and requires a large number of ultrasonic sensors mounted precisely. The idea of the Active Badge system the same as shown in 1992, which is based signals transmitted by infrared, instead of the ultrasonic waves.

The difference between the two methods is to train the system, first using a series of empirical measurements in different locations on one floor and has two propagation model uses radio waves to avoid the need for such measurements. If empirical measurements, measurements are taken in a total of 70 locations in space measuring 3 stops to WiFi.

Article draw attention to user orientation effect on the received signal power, and proposes four measurements for each location, each with a different orientation. In the latter case, it defines a model of radio wave propagation in the space in which it is desired location, taking into account of the attenuation of the signal based on the obstacles in the space. It is considered then a grid of points over this space that approximates how much should be received signal strength.


About Angelina Jolie

About Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most talented and beautiful actress in Hollywood. As it is beautiful as it is mysterious. The press has not yet managed to unravel secrets. We found out some of them. Angelina Jolie debuted at age 5, playing with her father, Jon Voight in “Lookin ‘to get out’. At age 16 he signed a modeling contract with Finesse Model Management company.

When she was around 14 years old her moAngelina Joliether, Marcheline left her to move in with her boyfriend. They stood in Angelina room, across the street from her mother’s room. Angelina wanted to get mortician teenager. Even she gave up acting lessons to learn how to make embalming. Her hair color is dark blond. Her mother began to brown paint at the age of 4-5 years. Her first tattoo was done in the presence of his mother, on his left arm. It was a quote from Tenes Williams: “A prayer for the wild at heart Kept in cages”. A third of the money he earns he spend, a third donates and a third saves. Angelina Jolie has patent pilot and owns a plane. The actress is clumsy. Because of this, all the weapons that appear in Tomb Raider actress was changed so that can load faster. He hates hugs. When he was embraced by her mother she held her breath being disgusted by this gesture.

Angelina Jolie last public appearance shocked her fans’, who noted that the famous actress greatly weakened lately. Nutrition experts say that Hollywood star would weigh only 35 kilograms at the 1.70 meters that has them. Angelina Jolie’s condition worries including actress’s father, Jon Voight, and her husband, Brad Pitt. Incidentally, last year was rumored that the famous couple “Brangelina” would be on the verge of separation, because of dissatisfaction actor Angelina’s refusal to take action against his illness. According to sources, the actress at the time weighed 40 kilograms, a sign that her condition has deteriorated in recent months, if we are to believe the experts nutritionists who say that the star would now have 5 kilos less. Recently, Angelina Jolie was photographed in front of a restaurant in London, where he had dinner with William Hague, a British Conservative politician. The physical condition of the actress owes to the suffering through which it has passed in recent years. In 2007, Angelina has lost his mother.

The reason that famous actress had got to weigh so little, as the infidelity of her husband, Brad Pitt. The actress, aged 40, has always had a silhouette filiform, but now Angelina became skin and bones, her husband’s alleged affair with Marion Cotillard, the cause that led to this dramatic weakening. Brad is very much concerned by his wife, trying to spend as much time together, saying he tried to take her to a rehab clinic to help her, but it does not accept anything from him. Brad tried very much to help, but tired to take care of someone who consistently refuses his help. No wonder that would be involved with Marion, which is healthy, happy and lively. It is like a breath for him.

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